Ive had my hot tub for seven years and never had a problem until now.The breaker will not stop tripping. Ill flip the breaker to the on position then the hot tub display screen will light up as normal however 2 actions may take place at this moment, 1. If I press the jet button, they will come on for a few seconds then the breaker trips 2. I leave it to heat up without the jets on and it may stay on for 3 to 10 minutes then the breaker tripps.
This is a Caldera Spa. I have replaced the filter and through process of elimination Ive taken the filter out to see if it will remain on however the breaker still tends to trip.
Had a serviceman come out and it worked fine that day! Wouldn't you know it!
Ive had an issue in the past with the external wire from breaker "shut off" box to the hot tub getting too much miosture due to a slitt in the wire caused by landscaper 2 years ago. Ive since had an electrician cover the 2ft section of wire with tubbing that's used by electricians on external wiring jobs. It has appeared to work for some time now however when it rained last week Ive been experiencing the breaker tripping. Even though its been dry for sometime now the breaker continues to trip.
Any advice would help. Thank you

Brandon W.