First off I am new to hot tubs and do not know much about electrical. My problem happened last winter and I had thought I fixed it by shaking the heater and getting it to come on and push the air out. So this year I fill up the hot tub and turn on the breaker and the hot tub runs for a couple of seconds then shuts off and resets. Same as the year before so again I shake the heater and it comes on but no air comes out and the system continues to reset. So I read up on getting air out and find that you can use plugs on the bottom of your pumps to bleed the air out so I do that and no air comes out, just water. So after that I let it reset a couple more times and tried using the jets on the main pump to see if I could push the air out. The jets worked for a couple of seconds then the hot tub shut off and reset. It comes on and I hit the jets again and this time it was almost instantly shut down. So I tried hitting the jets on the second pump which caused the hot tub to instantly shut down and reset. So I let it shut down and reset a couple more times then all of the sudden the secondary pump started coming on by itself and making the system shut down and reset. If I turn the hot tub off completely then back on the secondary pump won't initiate the jets automatically but the problem remains. I drained the hot tub and am going to fill it again.:confused:

It is a 2003 Sweetwater bahia spa