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    Mar 13, 2012, 11:59 PM
    Cal spa heating issues?
    Ok here is where I stand with this unit. I have 240 volts at the heating coils, pressure switch checks out, turns on and off as it should. The issue is that the light that indicates heat isn't coming on. I know the tub heats up some what but it doesn't get hot, nor does the indicator light come on. Any Ideas?

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Hi Chaosmaster1, Thanks for your answer. The only error code is the flashing Flo, but I think it has always flashed this. I have water runnning through the heating tube and not air locks anywhere. Would it benefit me to install a new Temp. sensor? Also could you tell me how to test the current...

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Hi I have a 1997 cal spa. I have installed a new 2 speed motor, new heating element, new pressure switch and a new filter. Last year, no problems but this year cannot get it to heat up. Heat light will not come on no matter what I do. I will add that near the end of last year it was touch and go on...

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I have a 1999 cal spa just got it and got it up and running tonight. The pump runs fine but the only time the heater light is on is when the pump is running is that normal?

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