Hi all,

With the US elections beginning to get into full swing I wanted to ask you intelligent people here what your thoughts are on the whole process.

As most of you know I come from Australia and we have a Westminster System. I am not completely familiar with the US system as I have not been a part of the process. So as you may imagine it does seem to me to be somewhat confusing, and to an extent drawn out. Now before I'm accused of being anti American I stress that I'm not having a go at it. Just asking. Im sure the Westminster System may confuse some of you.

What are your thoughts on the presidential primary elections? Is this process fair? Does it give the early states (Such as Iowa and New Hampshire) too much weight in the process? It appears to me that by the time some states carry out their primaries it may be a meaningless and pointless exercise.

Do these early states give an accurate representation of the general population wants in a candidate?

Is there any credence at all to having a single day National Primary?

The process appears to be weighted towards the candidates with the big bucks to spend on huge media campaigns.