I have a sump pump and it does not seem to work well.Also my washing machine empties to the big tub and drains into the sump well... is that right?I l also have a problem with the pump well smelling yucky and it seems to make our washing machine smell .We clean clothes in the washer and they smell good but the washer has a welly odor... so far we are pouring 1/2 gallon of bleach on occasion to get rid of odor but does this do damage to sump pump long range?I am very interested in overhead sewer install but know nothing about it nor costs incurred for product itself and install and labor cost .My neighbor has it and so does a friend but they are not sure how it works but it works very well and had the system installed many years ago.I was wondering if overhead is installed if we don't need the sumppump and the floor could be closed up?Could we get some advice and some knowledge from someone that really knows about this system?Thanks