We had a custom tile shower built. The guy was problematic (drinking on the job, etc.) and left the job undone. There are a few issues with the job (water pooling at one edge of the shower--not drainging properly, and one of the floor tiles come undone--loose). This caused me to do some research and I have read that there are "weep holes" that need to be drained properly (surrounded with gravel and not blocked with mortar). I had a plumber come in and he said that I do not have weep holes nor do I need them (at first he looked puzzled when I mentioned weep holes). He said I have a cheap, basic drain from HD and there are no weep holes and I don't need them. So I am confused. Do I have them? Do I need them?

I need an expert who can assess the work that has been done and what, if anything, needs to be redone.

Shower info: custom shower with a copper pan. The tile floor is 2 x 2 ceramic (connected on 12 x 12 sheets). The walls are marble.

My question is: Do I have weep holes? How do I know if I have them? If I have them, how do I know if they are done correctly (I doubt I could get back in touch with the guy who abandoned the job)?

Please help.
Thank you.