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    Water Pressure Switch won't turn on automatically

    Asked Jan 4, 2008, 11:20 PM
    My water has a lot of iron sediment. My pressure got lower and lower,then became a trickle. My friend (not a plumber) replaced well pump, the old one was 10 yrs old, and he put on a new pressure switch and gauge at the same time. Now the pressure is much improved and I can shower on a low flow for a decent amount of time. Once a day or so, flushing our (non lo-flo) toilet causes the pressure to drop to 0 on the gage and the switch won't come on. However when I lift the cover and close the contacts (being VERY careful not to get electrocuted!) they stay shut and the tank immediately recovers and goes to about 40 on the gage. It is supposed to be a 20-50 switch. I read about adjusting the switch shut-on and shut-off points by turning nuts in the switch, should I try that? What could be causing this? There are only 2 people here and we have been going real easy on the water, it seems to do it a bit less as time goes on, I don't know if that's because of us or it, though. Repair was made about 3 weeks ago. Water was brown right after repair but seems to run very clear now. I don't think he cleaned the tube that leads to the switch but- would it have a quick recovery like it does if the tube was clogged? This is all new to me but seems like it should be possible to figure out! Thanks. One more thing, it never seems to go above 40 on the gage. Also it isn't just the toilet that makes it go out If you run the tub 1/2 full it runs out but, again, recovers to 40 lbs as soon as you push the switch.

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