A real challenge, OK here we go... About six months ago a thumbing noise was very evident when the toilet water tank finished fillimg up or when the hot water faucet was closed. I was almost certain that it was because of loose water pipes, so I ripped apart walls where the pipes were not visible and replaced and added fasterers. The noise went away for a few days then re-appeared. Next measure was to drain the water pipes by shutting off the water supply into the house and opening all taps. After about fiveteen minutes I turned off the faucets and turned the water supply back on followed by turning the faucets back on to expel the air, the thumping noise was gone only to re-appear a couple of days later when the toilet filled or when I closed the hot water faucet. Assuming it was the up stairs bathroom faucet, I replaced it, problem still there. Something started to come together, the noise only re-appeared after the shower was used. I did a few test runs, sure enough the noise only re-appeared after a shower, I shut off the water supply and drain the air, the thumping noise is gone and once again only re-appears after a shower is used. At this point in time I am totally confused and would appreciate your help.
Ivan Petrs