I'm not sure what is causing the water heater pilot light to go out. It doesn't happen at all in the summer, even during times of high wind. It only goes out in the winter. This started happening at the end of last winter. I realize I should have had it checked out at that time but when the warm weather came I forgot all about it:rolleyes: I turned on the furnace for the first time this winter a fews days ago. The furnace and water heater are side-by-side in an enclosed closet. The pilot on the water heater went out an hour or so later. I relit it and it has gone out 3-4 more times since then. It seems reasonable to me that when the furnace turns on/off that the sudden change in air flow in the enclosed space causes the pilot to go out (does this even make sense?) but the pilot light went out twice today and the furnace never came on at all. The first time was early this morning (the furnace had not come on all night) and the second time was this evening. I checked the pilot when I came home and it was on. I took a shower a couple hours later and quickly realized that the pilot had gone out. It lights easily and stays lit for a day or two at a time. Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.