Hey there. I tried searching through the plumbing forum for some answers but only got a few bits and pieces that Im not sure really apply to my issue.

Since July, I have had issues with water backing up into my bathtub and coming up through the shower drain. I first time was the worst, it was nasty urine smelling water that was brown-ish and it actually flooded my bathroom. My boyfriend plunged and used tons of drano and nothing worked. I finally had a service come out and clean out the septic tank and everything returned to normal.. for a little while..

A couple of different times in the past few months the toilet would gurgle (send up air bubbles) or clear water would come up through the tub then go back down again.

Now the problem is back once again. This time, I just walked into my bathroom and noticed the walk-in shower had water in it and the bathtub was half full of black-ish water. Also the other bathroom tub has about 2 inches of gray-ish water.Neither I nor my two roommates have used the toilet or the shower in a few hours.

If it is of any help, I never have problems with the sinks or the washing machine and I have well water. PLEASE HELP!