Hi, I am having a problem where the washing machine overflows when in the spin cycle and water comes out the drain pipe that goes in to the wall. This is where the discharge hose goes into. House is older built in 1970. Drain pipe is 1-1/2 copper. I am aware of hearing that my newer machine pumps out faster than the old maytag. Also the older copper pipe should be 2 inch or larger. The problem is that it connects in the wall and goes down to the cement floor and into cement into iron sewer pipe. Also down at the floor other side of wall I opened in closet and I see where the kitchen drain from the sink t-s into the same pipe. I tried running a garden hose , ran fine in the wall drain for the wash machine for 30 min no overflow. If you run 1 load no problem but more than 1 back up and overflows. I would rather try to avoid disturbing all the copper connections as they are not leaking. I heard that the new machine has a water pump that pumps more volume faster than the old. There is no room for a laundry tub in this room as it is small. Can a restricter be put on the discharge hose without damage to the wash machine. The machine is a heavy duty large capacity in a single dwelling home. I should have bought a small machine instead but anyone have any ideas, thank you