:confused: HI I hope someone out there can help me, Yesterday I noticed the toilet in the master bathroom gurgling . Didn't pay too much attention to it because it was working fine. Later I found out that was not the case, I took the plunger to it and that didn't seem to help either. I checked the main bathroom and found that one wasn't working either so I tried the plunger with that it must have been at the exact time the washing machine was draining because the toilet overflowed to the point I just stood there watching it while standing in 2 or 3 inches of water. I checked the bathtub and it had backed up also only not half as bad, I went back to the master bathroom to check it and it was full but not overflowing like the other, the bathtub had also backed up too and in both the bathtubs was all kinds of gunk? I took the plunger to the master bathtub and was able to get it to go down, I ran outside and could hear water running under the house, I could see water coming from where the main bathroom goes into the big pipe.to make a long terrible story short , neither toilet is working, the bathtub in the master bathroom goes down but very very slow and after I took a shower this morning I checked the main bathroom and there was more water standing on the floor. Where is this coming from?? The toilet had drained down to nothing and I wasn't about to touch it.I had to come to work today, and I am afraid of what I am going to see when I get home tonight. Help any advise would be great