Master Bath Remodel.Removed tub and installed walk in shower.Did everything by the book,except didn't get the floor pitch to drain right.I have flat spots under the shower head and at opposite wall.Water sits and has to be squiged off to drain.I have removed the old tiles and mastic.I intend to install the same type of tile,1" square on a mesh sheet.I do not want to cut out the old mud floor for concern of damaging the rubber liner.I am in the process of trying to angle the now hardened mud to drain.Anyone have a,radical,idea on how to lay the new tile and get the pitch right by adjusting the thickness of the mastic?Or am I barking up a dead tree and need to pull out old mud?The real hurt is when I went on the net and found they make tools to help insure the proper pitch.The wife is not a Happy Camper!