I live on the 2nd floor of my condo and tore out the old bathtub to replace it with a shower. Here's what I know: the floor is concrete slab and there is an approx 1.5' x 2' cutout for the original plumbing installation. The plumbers installed the piping to fit the tub and then poured in cement around the pipe to lock it in place. I am okay with the current location of the drain and plan to build a sloped "slab" on top of the existing floor. I bought the drain setup from the depot but it sticks out above the floor by about 4". I'm not okay with that. That makes for a huge amount of concrete. The shower footprint is about 36" x 60". I want to go in and chip out around the existing piping and attempt to lower the overall height of my drain so I won't be so high off the floor. It looks horrible having a 6" stepup to get into a shower! Is this a safe idea. I don't want damage any plumbing that might cause a leak downstairs. I figured I could drill and chip away until I get some clearance. Is there a "low profile" floor drain out there? And I don't think I see a trap... is that an issue for a shower? I know they keep out vapors but do they serve additional purposes? Will it be a problem if I get the drain too low (i.e. is there a certain minimum thickness that concrete has to be poured to work properly?) Do I really need the screw type adjustable drain? Can I just use the non adjustable one and be really tedious at sloping my new shower floor? All I need to do is leave some room for the tile right? Sorry for so many questions!! Thanks for any and all advice!