The tub drain in my master bath is leaking horribly. If you plug the tub while filling/showering, there is no leak (so I know it's not a pressure leak), but as soon as you remove the plug the whole floor starts to flood, and you better have the wet vac handy! The wall at the drain in of the tub backs the foot end of the tub in our second bath, so there's little room to work. Do I need to plan on removing the whole tub to repair this, or is it possible to just raise the tub enough to repair the drain and then lower it back down? I know this would require ripping out the tub surround and repairing it, but it would be a lot less than taking the old tub out and replacing it. I don't know if there is some kind of break in the tub, a break in the trap, or what is leaking, aside that it is the drain. Any ideas, or links to sites that may help with this? Thanks for the help.