We just had a Sterling ensemble installed and the bottom of the tub makes creaking noises when someone walks on it. The noises are pretty noticeable. It has been over a week now. Anyway, I come to find out that the installer did not put a small mat underneat the unit that the instructions said was needed to stop squeaking. After a lot of badgering, he is coming back with the plumber to lift the tub enough to get the mat underneath. He expresses doubt however that this will stop the creaking sounds. He is saying it may be a manufacturer defect. I pointed out to him that the instruction manual (which he obviously did not read the first time around) says cement mortar can also be used. He said this is not a good idea because we are on the second floor.

Anybody have any advice/experience? If the tub continues to creak after they put in the mat, what should I do?

Thanks Mike