Hi, I had just found this forum and this is my first post. My elderly parents live in a 2 story old home with two bathrooms, one on each floor. The toilet on the ground level flushes fine. The one upstairs will not flush solids without filling up a bucket of water and emptying it in the toilet. This has been going on now for over a year. Even as a young kid growing up in this home, some 35 years ago the upstairs toilet would require two flushes to get anything down. Now when you flush, the water rises slowly to near the top of the bowl and then drains slowly down. We are fairly certain that there is nothing plugged in the sewer line because everyone has always been careful of what was being flushed. I do not hear any gurgling anywhere but wonder if it could be a pluged vent pipe. How can I tell if this is the problem and if so, would I have two vent pipes up on the roof, one for the upstairs and one for the downstairs? The upstairs bathroom is dirctly above the downstairs one. Also who do I call to get this reasonable fixed? Could it be a problem with the toilet itself? Thank you for helping.