The 18" brass tubing on the water inlet has a crack right at the angle stop. Big crack, big leak when the valve is open (no leak when the valve is closed). Can this tube be replaced without solder/welding? This home was built 14 years ago (fixture age). I've heard speedball say there should be a compression nut at the angle stop but I do not see a nut where the tube enters the angle stop. Is is possible that the tube has a different attachment mechanism? How can I miss a coupling nut - the photos I've seen make it obvious and this angle stop looks like those except for the tube fitting.

Secondly, at the toilet tank end of the tube, the coupling nut was separated from the tube when my wife was toying with white/plastic outer nut (probably when the tube was cracked). The coupling nut has a thick internal rubber gasket - does this simply slide/screw over the brass tubing or do I need a new gasket / coupling nut once it has been removed?

Thanks in advance