This is my first question on this site; hope you can help! My toilet has been overflowing for about three days. Kept plunging it and it would be OK for awhile. Took a shower (bath/tub combo) yesterday and today and noticed that the tub is draining very slowly with lots of glurging as it goes down. Used the toilet after showering and it started overflowing again. After plunging it down I added more water to the bowl and it kept draining, draining and draining. Took forever to get it full, but then it flushed OK. We are in the middle of a deep freeze here in the NW; 18* to 15* every night for the last three nights with at least 3 - 4 more days of freezing nights to follow. Does the weather have anything to do with this? Should I muddle through this until the weekend is over and call a plumber?:eek: I am going to snake the tub while I await your answer!