The first level toilet makes a lot of noise after flushing, right as it is about finished filling up, lots of banging, and it's just getting worse as time goes on. After looking this up a bit it sounds like it is water hammer. A couple of things to consider-
1. I live in a two story condo that does not have a basement. Laundry and the hot water tank are on the second floor, second floor toilet is fine, as are all other faucets in the house, this is only happening with the toilet on the first floor.
2. It is really cold outside and therefore my water is shut down outside.
3. It's pretty much safe to say that I know basically nothing about plumbing.

Can someone please offer me some advice? I'm afraid that a pipe is going to burst, we're trying not to use this bathroom at all, but it's difficult to do that when we have guests over. Any advice you can provide is much appreciated. Thank you.