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    Jun 22, 2007, 08:14 PM
    Toilet is leaking from the bottom
    I have a leaky toilet, the water is coming from the bottom of the toilet. I removed the toilet, replaced the wax ring, put the toilet back, and within a day or two it began to leak only when you would flush. One side note it is mounted on top of the tile should it be mounted at floor level? Is this keeping it from getting a good seal?
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    Jun 22, 2007, 09:31 PM
    Take it off again and see if the wax seal is smushed at all. It should be.

    If not, get an extra-tall one (they make them for this purpose) or stack two together (take the plastic ring off the top one)

    The toilet is usually mounted on top of the floor surface, and the flange should be too... or at the very worst flush with the floor surface. If your flange is recessed, there are top-mount flanges that you can add.

    BUT.. personally I hate the wax rings. I will always use a Fernco wax-free if I can.

    Here's the Fernco:
    Fernco, Inc.

    They are even reusable, if you take it off the toilet again you can just glue it back onto the horn again using RTV silicone or similar.

    The Fernco seems to be harder to find, but is worth it imo. More commonly available at Home Depot etc are the Fluidmaster wax-free seals, but I only thought of the reuse-the-Fernco trick because I was unhappy with the Fluidmaster I had bought.

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    Jun 23, 2007, 06:36 AM
    You miught also install a wax seal with a funnel, (see image). Another solution, if the flange is below the floor line, would be to bring the flang up to grade using flange extenders,(see image) Good luck, Tom

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