Our plumbing situation has been plaguing us for too long now. Back in May 2011 the main sewer line had a massive clog and resulted in it backing up into our bathtub and toilet and basically coating our entire bathroom in city sewer filth. After that mishap things seemed to be fine but then we started to notice that whenever we would run the water for too long i.e. washing dishes, taking a bath and or flush the toilet you could hear the bathtub making a very loud gurgling sound from the pipes and the toilet would sometimes bubble. We also had standing water sitting in our kitchen sink pipe that finally went away but now our toilet refuses to flush properly and keeps overflowing with water or making it very close to the rim. When we attempt to plunge the toilet all it seems to do is back up into our tub with fecal matter/urine everything you name it. Usually the toilet water will get down to a very low level after not flushing it for a while and then we will attempt to plunge it some more but now our bathtub has fecal matter/urine/toilet water in it and refuses to go down and our toilet water level won't go down either. I'm at my breaking point with my patience level as far as the plumbing is concerned. Please help!