Hi Guys,
I just quickly reviewed all postings here trying to see if I can find an anwer to my question, but some things are too difficult for me to understand, as I am not familiar with the whole subject.

I hired a plumber to install a new toilet in half a bath in the basement. The old toilet was 60 years old. We agreed that he would take it out and give me time to put ceramic tiles (the old owner had vynyl tiles on horrible concrete floor going up and down and to the left and right. So, when I put new tiles, I had to level each tile by putting a different amount of cement under each tile. Ok, I put the tiles (the plumber told me not to go above the level of the old bolts that he cut and which are still there. He did not remove the flange, so I assumed that he would do it after I put the tiles. I have just called him to tell him to come back to install the toilet and reminded him to bring the new flange with him. Do you know what he said? "There is an old flange there and it stays. I told him that it DOES NOT stay as it is 60 years old and looks horrible - it's falling apart - the metal looks like it has several layers. Then he says, "OK I will take a look at it when I come back tomorrow" I am so upset now that I started reading everything I can find about flanges and found this nice forum. I hope he will be able to remove the old flange and the level of my tiles will permit him to install the new flange at the same level w/my tiles. Now, the old flange is at a lower lever than my tiles. I read here that, when people had a different problem and needed to lower the flange, they were able to do it. Please comfort me and tell me if it is possible to raise the new flange in case it is necessary. I understand after reading all this stuff that there are different kinds of flanges and noticed that there is one that was called here as "Deep closet flange". Is it the one that allows you to raise your flange in case your floor is at a higher level than the old flange? Please respond. I need to call that plumber and tell him to make sure that he has the right flange with him. He gave me the wrong instructions by not planning to replace the old flange, and now he doesn't know that the old flange is a little bit below the level of the tiles.