I live in a flat that used to be a house but its been converted into flats. I am on the ground floor. I have lived here for about 8 months. There have been problem ever since I moved in, but I was busy getting settled in and I didn't take too much notice, but I wish I had now, as its really stressing me out now and getting me down that I just can't fix it even though I have been trying for the last 3 months (that's when the problem got noticabley worse) What I noticed when I forst moved in was, well, I moved in two parts one day was moving half my stuff in and painting (then I went back to my former residence) and then a few weeks later moved the last of my belongings and was done, well, while I was there decorating I had a friend and her boyfriend help me paint, and they used the bathroom, (and it wasn't just a wee.. he felt the need to inform us as he'd had a upset stomach all day.. ) and then at the end of the night we packed up and went home and the second visit we all went back and my friend asked if I had been here since the last time we were here, and when I asked why she wanted to know, she said whilst laughing "well either you forgot to flush the toilet or what my boyfriend left has come back!!" and sure enough it sort of had... but I didn't think anything of it. Just flushed it again. I can't be sure but I have the feeling the toilet doesn't have the suction power normal toilets do... like that real "slurppp" sound as it really vaccuums the water down the pipe... and steadily as the months have gone on, it started of like, every two months getting blocked, lasting for a day or so then remedeying itself, or with some light fishing with an unwound coat hanger, but now its getting more and more frequent, and without wanting to be graphic... deposits other than urine don't seem to go down the pipe easily at all, often seeming to disappear while the bowl fills up, then the water level slowly drops as if it can't get down the pipe quick enough, then when the water has dropped a bit (still quite full though) the deposited matters reapperance is made... and eventually about 5 minutes later the water is at the level it almost should be... but as time has gone on, its happening more frequently and for longer periods.. I have looked on the internet and tried, seriously, every tip I could find, all either not doing a thing to help or working for an hour or two then it returning to its almost overflowing glory. The only thing that seemed to work were pipe unblocker chemicals, but I was having to use 3 sachets each application in the morning and 3 sachets at night for three or four days, it seemed to do the trick, (ironic because it said I could be used for sewage pipes but NOT used directly in the toilet!) but it was costing me a fortune! (and also this flat is tiny, all the fumes gave me killer headaches even if I opened the bathroo window and put the vent on) but sure enough 2 weeks later... ugh. I don't flush face wipes or cotton buds, I have a bin for those and I don't use loads of luxury quilted loo rool, seriously it's the almost see through kind! And I don't use lots at all, 2 squares max! (purely for the reason I have always been paranoid about toilets blocking, it's a bit of a phobia!) and I don't have kids that try flush things like toy cars or bannana! I can't think what the problem would be? But its getting me down. I can't afford a plumber and even if I could I don't think I could handle the embarrassment. I've looked online to see about buying toilet augers... but I don't see the point in buying one when I've pretty much done the same thing with, unwound coat hangers, and long lengths of hose pipe shoved down there, donned rubber gloves and manually poked around... (you would not believe the amount of hand wash and sanitizing gel I am getting through! Germ phobic! So this is really my worst night mare!)
I think the toilet has always been a bit iffy... but its worse now and I can't think what I've done to make it worse... I've wondered if the person upstairs has maybe flushed something and blocked the pipe further down the line and its affecting my toilet because mine would be the closest to the sewer system..?
I can't do anything like take the toilet off the wall or anything because, well I just cant, I don't know what I'm doing and I would end up making things 10 times worse...
Sorry this is so long, I really just wanted to give as much information as possible, because any suggestion is welcomed... I'm getting so upset by it, and stressed out, I'm even starting to have terrible nightmares, most of them being where the toilet overflows sewage and toilet water or just gets really mega clogged, so much so that it never flushes properly again! And now I'm paranoid to go to sleep thinking I'm going to wake up to a catastrophic scene in the bathroom!
Thanks in advance!