I've fought this battle before and I am not finding a question that matches mine exactly. A little over a month ago, the toilet started acting funny. Not flushing every time, the solids would go down but the paper would just swirl at the top. Eventually the water would drain back out of the tank. Shortly there after (with in days) every time we turn either the shower or the faucet in the kitchen on the toilet makes the blop blop blop noise and bubbles. Now the toilet won't flush at all now, the bucket trick doesn't even work. We go to flush it the bowl just fills up and doesn't drain, if it does it does so very very slowly. Solids aren't even going down. Something similar to this happened last spring, but the septic actually backed up in to the toilet. I had it pumped and the lines cleared. With in two months though the septic tank was full of water again and the toilet was acting the same way and needed to be pumped again. I talked with the septic guy and he said the tank look good and was in good shape, but that it was such a wet spring are our water table is very high that it wasn't letting the leech field do it thing. Everyone in my area was experiencing the same thing. So I didn't worry too much about it. The summer passed and everything was working back to normal. Now that its winter time, its not working again. I am at a loss. The tank shouldn't have to be pumped again, that was only six months ago and there's only two of us living there. There's no standing water anywhere in the yard. It does feel like there's water in the lines leading from the basement to outside the house. Plus, its not wet anymore, in fact everything is frozen. Something I've noticed in the last two days is that the snow directly on the line coming from the house to the tank is melted and no where else in the yard. It is an older system, put in in the 1960's I believe. I don't even know where to start. I'll be honest, I am tired of having to run to the park every time I have to go to the bathroom. Any help, anything to try I am all ears. Thanks