My toilet has been bubbling when a large amount of water is drained from any one or numerous fixtures in the bathroom. If I'm running the shower there are no problems, If I'm just washing my hands there is no problem. However, If I fill the tub for 10-20 seconds and then drain the water all at once the toilet goes bonkers.

Also my kitchen sink has been gurgling after a large amount of water is drained from it. Although this problem seems to come and go. It currently isn't behaving this way, but who knows; Tomorrow is a new day! :(

I tried flushing the roof vents with a garden hose a week ago as well as taking my 25' hand auger to them, and my kitchen vent backup up to the roof, and when I flushed the vent for my bathroom there was water in my basement around where the vent is.(I'm assuming that's an unrelated but generally bad sign.)

March of 2009 I had a section of my lateral replaced because it collapsed/roots. I had Roto-Rooter come out and $2,000 later the problem was fixed. Before they came out I was having all of these same problems, except one difference. The difference being before if I would run my clothes washer, which is located in the basement, and it was draining the water would backup into the basement where the washer tries to drain. That hasn't happened yet, and I've tried to make it do it by running the washer on the 'extra large' load setting to get the most amount of water to drain each cycle.

I am extremely confused, and to summarize here is why:

1. The kitchen vent backing up is clearly a problem, but why would that cause the bathroom issues? The kitchen is 'before' the bathroom in the plumbing scheme of things in my house. What can I do about the kitchen vent being clogged? I haven't checked it in a week but if it won't flush with a garden hose, and my 25' snake didn't catch anything what should I do?

2. Why is it only when a large amount of water is drained at once? I can run the shower for 20 minutes, and then let the tub fill for 10-20 seconds, and as soon as I drain that the toilet bubbles. I can come home 8 hours of work when no water was run in the house at all and fill either the tub or bathroom sink for 10-20 seconds, and as soon as I drain that the toilet bubbles.

Any insights at all or am I to the point where I should basically call a plumber?