I just bought my first house and ran into a problem with both of the toilets. During the inspection toilet #1 functioned normally. The toilet #2 could not be tested because the valve to it was tuned off.

The previous owners had the water service turned off just prior to my buying it. I had the water turned back on today and I bled all the air out of the lines to the faucets and to the bath tub in bathroom #1. When I turned on the valve to either of the toilets and flush it I get a very loud vibration when the tank fills, and the toilet fills very slowly. I presume this is due to air in the lines.

I am concerned about causing damage by allowing the vibration to go on while bleeding the lines (assuming that air in the lines is the problem). So far I have kept the valves partially closed to reduce the loud noise and vibration. I would appreciate any assistance you can offer!

FYI, the house is a one level ranch built in 1993 and the toilets are of the style that use a floating ball to cut off the water flow.