Hi,I have just replaced my Symmons shower diverter spindle again(TA-25A)because of a leak and now have a new problem. I have to replace this diverter spindle every year or so because the plastic on the end by the o-ring cracks and it leaks water down through the first floor ceiling.The problem now is that there is very little flow out the shower head,most of the water comes out the tub spout no matter where you set the diverter handle.I took it all apart again to see if I installed something incorrectly but couldn't find anything wrong and it seems to fit together only 1 way.This same thing happened one other time when I replaced the diverter spindle-I happened to have another new one on hand and even though I couldn't see anything different with the 2 new spindles,the 2nd one worked fine and I left it at that.I find it hard to believe that I have another new bad one.Does anyone have some suggestions before I pull this apart another umpteen times and see nothing wrong and then go to the plumbing supply and stock up with some more new ones?Thanks for any help,Jack.