Hi - I've 2 problems.

Problem 1:
When it rains, there seem to be a lot of water discharging out from the overflow pipe of my sump pump plumbing on the outside. According to a neighbor, he says it looks like the water is just coming out from the overflow pipe whenever it rains. I've lived there for a few years but I didn't notice this being a problem. I've since turn this into a rental property. So I don't have the luxury of observing it when it rains. Neighbor says the discharge pipe is probably clogged and thus it is just coming out from the overflow.

My question is, when I observe other homes, it is usually a pipe coming out from the wall and then the water discharges to another pipe going into the ground. In my case, all I see is the pipe coming out of the ground w/ a curved end. I assume this is the overflow pipe?

If this is indeed the overflow pipe, that means there's a pipe underground that runs from my basement sump pump and discharges somewhere. I thought a gap is needed bet. The 2 pipes so that it'll prevent backflow. How do I figure out where the discharge is? How do I know if somewhere along the pipe there's obstruction?

I plan to call a sewer guy out.. what should I have him look at in order to figure out what's wrong? Making sure he looks at the right things.

Problem 2:
On the other side of the house next to the other neighbor, the lawn is extremely wet. At times there's standing water and it doesn't seem to drain properly. Earlier in the year when the lawn company was cutting the grass, they told me that there's possibly a leak in the sprinkler system. I've inground sprinklers. The thing is, I haven't gone out there to turn on the sprinkler system. Also, the water supply to the outside have been shutoff. I do this yearly. So, I know for a fact there's no water going to the outside.

So, why is the yard so wet? I did take a peak and notice this other neighbor's sump pump discharge is on this side. Now, before I go knock on their door, I want to make sure it is nothing on my end first. So, if the water is shutoff to the outside, sprinklers are not even turn on yet, is there anything on my house that could have caused the lawn to be wet?

Even in late fall and winter (when I've already winterized the system and shutoff water to the outside), there's standing water and caused it to be muddy, or iced over. And the sidewalk is also iced up. The water is suppose to drain bet. The homes and eventually get absorbs into the ground or drain into the city drainage system. But for some reason, it is either inadequate drainage or there's a constant leak.

How do I find out?