Hi guys (and gals),

I own a 2 story house that was built in 1982 or so. We are on a well and have poly butylene pipes w/ copper fittings. We have lived in the home for about 8 months, and the water pressure has always been pretty good if only one outlet was being used, but if you ran both showers or flushed a toilet when you were taking a shower, it would lose some pressure, but would still keep going pretty decent.

Today that all changed. The water pressure is low all over the house now all the time. When I turn on the shower or faucet, water will run fine for about 5-10 seconds and then the flow will slow down. I took a shower earlier and during the shower (it was the only water using application going at the time) the rate was inconsistent. Sometimes it got high enough to give a good spray, but at other times I was huddled under a few drips... somewhat back and forth.

I've checked all the faucets and showers and even toilets and the flow seems to be a lot less everywhere including outside at the hose bibs. This is the same whether its cold or hot water.

I've checked for leaks and can't find any. I've looked at the hotwater heater and nothing obvious looks out of wack (basically everything is attached and no leaks) and have looked at the pump at the well house but really don't know what to look for there.

Any ideas on what could be causing this? I'm hoping its not the pump, but w/ the whole system affected it seems to hint at that. But what do I know? I'm not the expert, but hopefully one of you guys are, and can give me a hand.

Thanks in advance.