Hey I have a big problem, my wife and I bought our house 2 years ago and have been fighting with this problem since, within 2 months of living in our house, it rained about 1 inch or so, we came home and had an awful sewar smell in the house. We had plumbers come out several times over the next year and a half at different times when this happened and NOBODY can figure it out, they looked in our crawlspace and smoke bombed our house, looked at all our pipes and drains, at our sump pump and where it drains, then people for our septic tank came out and drained it, looked for cracks and checked out our distribution box, but still No one can figure it out, we have a finished basement and then we have a crawlspace where there was extra built on to the house, it smells the worse in the crawlspace and comes up into our master bath and bedroom and our kitchen and then to the rest of the house, my wife is so upset and cries because we can not figure it out and I am at my wits end with this problem, please please help us