Let me say first off, this BBS is great! The questions are very typical, and the answers are polite and helpful.

On to my problem. The hot water pressure/flow at our tub/shower is lower than I think it ought to be. It started as almost a trickle, and is now better (thanks to this BBS), but is still a fraction (maybe 1/4 or less) of the cold water, which on full blast is so strong the drain has a hard time keeping up with it.

Before posting this, here's what I did:
1. Opened the faucet on the hot water heater. We have very soft water, so I got a little brown rusty water at first, then it ran clear. I probably ran 4-5 gallons out of it. (This hadn't been done since we bought the house 12 years ago.)
2. Turned off the hot water pressure at the heater's cold-water inlet. Removed the hot water stem and washer assembly on the tub's two-handle faucet. Took the opportunity to fix a long-standing leak by replacing the washer, which had about 1/4 of the circle missing. Turned the heater's cold-water inlet back on, so that hot water came gushing out of the valve body. Let it run for about 15 minutes to clear out any junk in the line.
3. Turned off the hot water pressure again, replaced the hot water stem and wacher assembly, and turned on the hot water pressure.

We now have about twice the hot water flow/pressure that we'd had before, which is definitely a step up. Nearby sink faucets seem to have pretty good hot water flow.

Any further suggestions on how to improve the hot water flow at the tub would be greatly appreciated. For a little background, this house dates back to some time in the fifties (it's not clear since the town records were lost in a flood a number of years ago), and I suspect the water pipers are galvanized.