Here's the story, and I appologize for the length:
I live in a newer trailer house (fiance owns it). I believe it's a '92 or '94, or close to there. The trailer court that the house is located in is on a private well for the entire court. I know the water is fairly hard since I used to have to remove the cold water inlet hose on the washing machine and clean the mineral deposits on the screen to restore pressure.
Not too long ago, there was some kind of problem with the well we are all on. After that, the mineral problem started getting worse and worse, to the point where I would have to take the cold water line off the washing machine every other time I needed to wash clothes. In the mean time, some of the faucets in my house began gradually losing their cold water pressure. Mind you, not all of them, but the problem grows worse on a daily basis.
While on vacation for X-mas, our hot water line burst in the master bathroom and flooded the bathroom and part of the bedroom. I finally got that completely repaired just this last weekend, including replacing the floor, re-insulating the plastic pipes, new fixture on the tub, and a switch to vinyl flooring from carpet. I notice that all the fixtures in there seem to work fine except possibly the tub running slower than normal, though I can't tell since it's a brand new fixture and we haven't been able to use that tub for over a year.
The point I'm at now is (starting from the fixture farthest from my hot water heater) that my kitchen faucet has little cold water pressure, the dishwasher seems Ok but we don't use it too often since there are always hard water stains, the washing machine has barely any pressure(and cleaning the inlet screen on the back of the machine doesn't help any more), the first bathroom sink seems fine, the first bathroom toilet fills VERY slowly, the first bathroom tub/shower has nearly NO cold water, the master bathroom toilet fills VERY slowly, and then the garden tub, 2 sinks, and shower in the master bathroom seem fine so far.
Bearing in mind that we are a young family with not much extra money, what can I do to improve my water situation? I would really like to get a handle on what is going on, take care of these irritations, and prevent the few fixtures that still work from becoming a problem. I'm thinking a water softener would've been wise, but there isn't room for it in the corner of the house where the water heater is located (behind a false wall in a linen closet back in the master bathroom), nor do I know if it is feasible financially. I appologize for the length of the post, but I will forever be indebted to any of you who may be able to assist me.