Hello all!

I have a single knob that runs my tub and shower (off/on to cold/hot water)

The cold water comes out rapidly, but when I turn all the way to hot, the water gets very hot but it comes out 1/10th of the pressure. Hot water works all throughout the house.

I also realized my clothes washer has this problem - when I set the wash to HOT/COLD cycle, the hot water barely comes out.

The bathroom is about 10-15 years old.

I live in a townhouse - my laundry room has the water heater.. this room is next to my bathroom with the water problem.

I undid the faucet and saw 4 more screws and I limited sight of the pipes. And from there I was puzzled :confused: on what to even attempt.

Any and all help is apperciated! :)

Thank you!