Hi. I have read multiple posts regarding my similar situation but none seem to appropriately address my problem. For the past month or so I have been smelling a seriously horrible sewer gas smell only while doing the laundry. I have lived in a 40-50 year old house for the past 6 years and this has never happened before. I bought an LG Front Loader 1.5 years ago and this has not happened until now. This is not a problem with the washer door being shut. I do not have the moldy mildewy smell in the washer's tub and my clothes smell fine when they are done. It's definitely a sewer gas smell in the air when the washer is running and for a period thereafter until it seems to go away due to time. The smell starts in the laundry room but if the door is open and/or if I am doing more than one load eventually the whole house smells. My washing machine has a rubber drain hose coming out from the back that empties into my laundry tub. The washing machine does not drain right into the house drain. The hose does not get submerged as the tub fills when the washer drains. Running water into the laundry tub from the spigot does not cause the smell. The smell only happens when the washer is running. It is not an electric smell, a natural gas smell nor a moldy or stagnant water smell, it is a sewer gas smell. It does not happen when I flush the toilets, take a shower, run the dishwasher or use the laundry tub for any other reason. It only happens when I run the washing machine. Any thoughts on what might be causing this? I have called LG and after much "to do" all they could come up with is that it's a leak in my hot water heater. Again, although I do have a gas HW heater, this is not a natural gas smell. They referred me to my extended warranty company and a very nice customer service person did everything they could to try to figure out a way to help but in the end said that odors are not covered. Anything anyone could suggest would be greatly appreciated because I guess my next step is to call a plumber. Thank you