Last winter we were getting a sewer smell in the basement between the furnace and laundry room. That came and went so we didn't really think much about it again. Now it has returned AND now we also have a sewer smell in the (only) bathroom, which is on the opposite side of the house. (Could they be separate issues?)

Some history: The house was built in 1958. We have an older septic system (not a mound) and a well. When we first bought the house we were getting a sewage smell in the bathroom and found that the vent pipe was corroded and completely blocked in one spot. We had some plumbers remove the blockage and haven't had any other problems until now. We have 4 small children and so we are constantly running water. I haven't been able to determine if it's related to the amount of water usage... seems to me that we are running water all the time. Also, my husband is waiting on some weather to clear before he can get up on the roof to re-check the vent pipe.

I'm a little worried now after reading some of the responses that this is a DANGEROUS condition. (Explosive?) I mean I know it's unhealthy, which is why we're addressing it right away, but now I'm wondering if we should be staying somewhere else until it's fixed!

Thanks for your help!