A few years ago, we had sewer problem, called, got the tank pumped out. and was told we needed drain field/leechfield. Had another company come in and do that they used the rubber pieces from tires. Last month our toilets started to back up, called and they came out and said our septic was full, so they again pumped it out. Within 3 weeks, only while washing clothes, you can see and smell the sewer water coming up from the ground. I called, and was told there must be a problem with the way the drain field/leechfield was done. What should we do. First septic pump out was $250, then the leechfield was $1300, the second pump out was $300, now what do we do. These are two different companies. If I call this other company that did the leechfield, what can I expect? We have no drain problems, no water backing up, just when we do laundry you can see and smell it out in the yard.