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    Jan 15, 2005, 06:17 PM
    Septic smell in house
    Every winter I get a sewage smell throughout my house. I have a basement with a crawl space at the end and from within this crawl space is where the smell originates. My furnace is about 10 feet from this 3 foot square hole which goes to the crawl space and you can feel and smell the odor coming out of it. The crawl space is about 2 feet high and has a concrete floor. Upon entering this crawl space if you put your nose to the floor where the concrete floor meets the concrete wall that is where the smell is coming from. If you followed that crack it would take you to the front wall of the house and outside this wall is where the septic tank is. What I'm wondering now is maybe there is a broken line going to the septic tank just outside the front wall and the odor is finding its way back into the house. Funny thing it only happens during the winter, but then that's the only time the furnace runs. Any thoughts on what may be the problem. Thanks Trevor
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    Jan 16, 2005, 06:07 AM
    Septic smell in house
    It sounds like something is open somewhere allowing sewage to seep into the soil and through the crack in the cement. The smell's more noticeable in a small enclosed area such as your crawl space. Short of digging up the line to check sending a camera called a "Sewer Viewer" down the line might be the only way to locate the problem. Or a simpler fix might just be to contain the smell and seal off the crawl space. Good luck, Tom

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