1928 home on city sewer. After showers there is a septic smell coming up from floor dain in basement. I have oured enormous amounts of water down the drain not fixing the problem. I ended up cover the drain with a bucket, this took care of the smell, this was all three months ago. I recently cut my gutter down spouts and added downspout extenders. WHile doing this my wife was taking a shower and that awfull septic smell was coming from one of the downsput drains in the ground. I went inside and rmoved the buckett from the floor drain in basement and the smell was there as well, however by removing the buckett the smell outside coming from the downspout drain ceased. 1) what could be causing this? 2) should I have left the downpouts alone, and let them drain into wherever that drains leads to? 3) I do have one stack vent on roof of house, could this be clogged and causing the problem?
Thanks, any advice is much appreciated.