My house is 4 years old. We moved in 2 years ago. There was no baning at that time. About 1 year ago, the house developed 2 banging sounds at different spots.
1. When I runn my up stairs shower/bath/sink hot water a get a loud and consistent banging sound from the wall.

2. When I run the Kitchen faucet or dishwasher (both are connected under the sink at the same spot) a get the same type of banging/popping sound from the floor area.

I have shut off the water and bled both Hot and Cold lines in the basement 2 times. I do not have access to the lines in the basement (they are in finished walls). I have also turned the angle stops down to reduce pressure but it does not help

Question 1: Am I correct this is not water hammer because it happens when the water is running? (so installing water arrestors will not help)

Question 2: Is it possbile the single handle faucets could actually be causing some sort of water hammer when it calls for hot water?

Question 3: Is this caused by vibrating water lines? Is there any way to quiet these pipes:mad:

Should I be calling a plumber?