So I may have made an oops... lets call it a rookie mistake with good intentions. Earlier this year I decided to replace the ugliness surrounding my bathtub and completed a new tile surround. At that time the plumbing was a bit older but still working perfectly fine.

However, it seems that my cold water tap has come off and the only way to get water to run is to use a vice grip - very classy. I fear that I will probably have to replace the faucet/diverter/shower head etc.

I know that there is no access panel as the bathroom backs on to the kitchen and the two share a common wall (complete with plumbing). The wall in the kitchen has a kitchen sink with the dishwasher, upper and lower cabinets. I did check under the sink in the kitchen and there is no access panel.

Hence my dilemma and question - is there a way for me to replace the guts of the faucet etc. without removing or damaging my tile work I have done?