I am going to be replacing our old dishwasher with a new one next weekend. When looking into the water supply line I came upon several questions.

The store tried to sell me a flexible hose. I have seen conflicting recommendations for flexible hose vs copper hose. What is recommended here? This cascades into the next question.

Under my sink there is a shut off for the current dishwasher with a soldered on copper hose to feed the current installation. I have the choice to leave it and feed the new dishwasher with the same hose or cut it then solder or use a compression fitting to a threaded connector for a new hose. A photo of the feed is below. The washer feed goes to the left of the photo the feed to sink is to the right.

Should I cut it or leave it. If I cut, where do I cut and where to I attach the connector. Should I solder or use a compression fitting.

Thanks for all your help.