I'm a lady who lives alone and knows nothing about plumbing but I've been getting estimates and it's so confusing. I will appreciate any help.

My house is 24 years old with galvanized pipes. It's 1300 sq ft. with 2 baths, 1 kitchen sink, washer, and dishwasher. I've had three pin hole leaks in the attic in 3 years and was told it will keep happening. I've been getting estimates for repiping or relining the pipes. Relining will cost me twice as much so will probably have the pipes replaced just in the attic.

Is CPVC OK to use? - can't afford copper. Is PEX much more expensive than CPVC? I think it's better but what is a fair price? I've gotten prices from $2,000 up to $4,800. What questions do I need to ask the plumber to make sure it's being done properly? I can't afford to pay and not have the work done correctly. Thanks for your help.