Hello plumbing expert.
I have removed a 32 inch stand up shower in my 1995 double wide mobile home.I had to hack the shower into several pieces and was able to separate it from the drain by unscrewing what was left of the bottom of the shower floor after I used a circular saw leaving on a 10 inch square portion of the bottom of the shower which I was able to turn counterclockwise and separate the drain in the shower from the pipe below.The pipes are plastic. I have to move the drain about a foot to make it work with a new shower base that is 60 inches. The floor is made of a three quarter inch plywood coated with a green water resistant stuff. How do I move the drain and what about the add a vent's that are sticking up above the floor and in the way of the new shower base? Does the add a vent have to be above the floor ? It was hidden under the old garden tub that I also removed I now have 2 add a vent's that need to be moved or removed if that's possible. Also... about the old holes in the plywood floor that are going to be left after the drain is moved. How do you patch those?
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