I have a shower with 2 pipes for showers heads (one on the wall in front, and one on a side wall). The wall in front has a rain shower head on it. The wall to the side has a hand held shower head attached. The pipe with the hand held shower attached has a push button valve to turn the handheld on and off. When it is on, the rain shower head continues to operate.

I have 2 problems.
First, the rain shower head is shooting water out of the seam where it appears the bottom half of the shower head meets the top half of the shower head. If you were looking at if from above, the water shoots out from the perimeter of the shower head, not where the shower head screws onto the pipe. Any thoughts on how to resolve this? I have tried purchasing a new rain shower head and found the same problem with the new shower head. Could this be too much pressure?

Second problem, too little pressure in the hand held shower head. I've tried all the basics, of removing any low flow filter, and cleaning the shower head. Could this be related to too much pressure on the other shower head?