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    So, at 3 am when I'm trying to sleep the jet pump clicks on just for a moment , then a few minutes later it clicks on again momentarily, repeat, repeat... This probably happens at other times as well, but it's not so annoying then; then I can ignore the problem.
    Also, sometimes the Pumptrol needs to be switched on manually (3 times in one day recently)

    Gould's 1 hp jet pump
    New Pumptrol Square D 9013FSG2M4
    New Amtrol WX-203
    Also there is a pressure gauge after the pump and a pressure gauge after the tank. The pump gauge is sticky and reads 5 psi higher than the tank gauge, if that matters

    A few months ago a friend replaced the old galvanized tank with the WX-203 and replaced the Pumptrol. He didn't adjust the pressure in the Amtrol.

    Currently, the cut off is at 45 psi( according to the gauge after the tank) and the cut in is at 35 psi.

    Do I need to adjust the cut in/out range down, and the cut off maximum up?
    Do I need to adjust the Amtrol pre-charge?
    What causes the momentary activation of the pump, and it's need to be manually switched on?

    Thank you O Wise Ones.

    I guess I need to answer my own questions.:confused:

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    3 Answers
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    Nov 6, 2008, 06:19 AM

    I guess I need to answer my own questions.
    And I guess if you could you wouldn't be here asking us.
    Do I need to adjust the cut in/out range down, and the cut off maximum up?
    I would adjust the cut in point back to 30 PSI and the cut out point up to 50 PSI. Do you need instructions on how to do this.
    Do I need to adjust the Amtrol pre-charge?
    The bladder tank pressure's set at 2 PSI below the cut in point of the control box when the pumps is shut off and the pressure's bled off.
    What causes the momentary activation of the pump
    This could be caised by a faulty check/foot valve. Look at your pressure gage when the pump pumps up to pressure and shuts off. Is there a pressure drop?
    ]why does it need to be manually switched on?
    Are you saying the control shuts it down and you have to close the contacts manually or does the pump through the breaker and you have to reset it? Let me know, Tom
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    Nov 7, 2008, 02:58 AM

    Thanks for answering speedball1.
    Ok, I think I know how to adjust the cut in/out down to 30/50 by turing the tall bolt up. As I understand it pressure range for the cut in/out should be 20 psi. If that's correct and I still have a psi range of less than 20 psi I assume I need to adjust the short bolt up? I'm guessing when I get cut in to 30 psi the cut out will be at 45 psi as it seems the cut psi maximum has been reduced to 45.

    Then, according to the maunual on the Amtrol wx-203 the pre-charge is set at 30 psi. Should I empty the tank and check it and adjust it to 28 psi?

    I'm am not sure where the "check/foot" valve is. I'll go look for it and check the gauge as well. There is a pressure drop of about 5 psi when the pump cuts in. That is on the pressure gauge next to the pump. I noticed this gauge stciking, giving faulty reading, when I tapped on it the needle moved down to reveal the true lower reading as the pressure was dropping.
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    Nov 7, 2008, 05:19 AM

    The check valve's,(see image) located on top of the ground downstream from the pump on the suction line whild the foot valve's located in the well at the well point. Let me show you how to set your control box,(see image).
    First turnoff the power at the breaker box, then pull the cover off the pressure switch and you will see two spring loaded bolts secured with nylon nuts. One tall, one short. To increase the cut in pressure, turn the nut on the tall bolt down. To increase the cut out pressure,(that's the one that will give you more pressure) turn the nut on the short bolt down until the desired pressure's reached.
    Good luck, Tom

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