I have a sewage lift station in my by level home. At the current time the downstairs portion is not completed so the only thing that runs through the lift pump is the washing machine discharge. Approximately 2 weeks ago I was switching a light fixture and shut off a bunch of breakers to do so. While trying to figure out which fuse belonged to the area I was working I accidentally shut the one off for the lift pump. I immediately turned it back on, but since then I have had a soapy water back up in my basement twice which is coming from the lift pump (drainage from washing machine). When this happened I immediately turn to the breaker box and find that it has not thrown the breaker and should still be functioning... However I reset the breaker and the lift pump begins to operate sucking the extra water from the washer back where it should have went to begin with. My home was built in 2008 and I am doubtful that the pump would be defective after 3 years and extremely light use.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you, Chuck.