My squareD 30-50 range pressure switch was turning on for 5 seconds, then off for 7 seconds. Over and over and over again. Sooty deposit under plastic cover. I replaced the switch with a SquareD 40-60. There was a bunch of sedimental crud coating the inside of the nipple, but there was air passage (I have sediment requiring a 5 micron filter to be changed every 8 weeks or so). Now the on-off interval is increased (maybe on 15 seconds, off for 40 seconds) constantly! The water pressure in the house stays at 37psi and never changes. I have a fiberglass-wound tank which must be a bladder tank and assuming it's full of water, air psi>50+ (Using an unreliable tire guage). House water pressure gauge reads 37psi and it never changes. I'm really worried that all this on/off will burn out the pump- It's only a year old- pump was replaced after burnout-drought last summer. I'd like higher water pressure in the house. That's why I replaced the 30-50 with a 40-60. My water pressure has remained unaffected by switch replacement. I tightened the big screw's nut to increase cut-on/cut-off. Still no change in house's 37psi water pressure, no noticeable change in water flow anywhere in house. Why isn't my pressure higher, and why does my switch keep turning on and off? What should I do now? How often does a normal pressure switch turn on and off?