I have been renting this house for 2 years - when I first moved in toilets would stop up and fecal matter with water and toilet paper( shredded) would come up through tub - OK plumber came took some roots out and problem gone - have had some minor plumbing problems in between and I even told plumber I hear bubbling or gurgling noises in upstairs toilet and sin ( no response ) he changed some pipes in basement 2 weeks ago well today both toilets want to overflow and I have the fecal water back in my tub - honestly this may be gross but when I fluch the toilet close to bathtub and plunger it , well it seems like dark chunks of stuff is coming up through the tub ( like something from a while back ) plus the one pipe he replaced is leaking from the seams in the basement . This plumbing runs through sewer system if that helps any .its sad when you can't shower ( due to yuck ) and you're afraid to use your toilets ! Any info would be appreciated