We bought a 1986 mobile home and have recently had a plumber out 4 times and still all I have is an empty wallet and a glorified closet. I need help. The guest bathroom is just a stand up shower with waterproof walls (like wallpaper on regular walls) and a shower pan. My sons foot went through the shower floor pan (there was a weak spot when we purchased) and water was coming out between the floor and pan. No one is working at present and my husband is disabled so I will have to do repairs myself (I don't understand plumbing). I went to mobile home depot and purchased a new better quality shower pan and called the plumber out to install for me due to unfamiluar with plumbing. Next thing I know now that bathroom was clogged and water came up toilet and sink and shower that had not even been used. We called plumber back out and he snaked the whole length of house. Instruced us to pour drano down kitchen and bathroom sinks and leave for 24 hours. Ok fine. Done. Then allowed son to use new shower and water still leaks between floor and shower pan. Called plumber again, he said drain was installed correctly and it leaks due to decorative molding replaced incorrectly. It appears fine (the molding). He knocked two holes in my walls looking for reasons for a leak, but never came up with a solution. I stopped him at this point. Am I just going to have to save up and have the entire shower replaced, or is there some way to determine where a leak is coming from? There is no water coming out on the ground under the mobile home so he didn't know why a leak between shower pan and floor. (I still think it's the drain! Ugh! Are you able to give advice on this please? (Sorry for rambling.)